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Trim - Tape dispenser

Trim is a Removable & portable tape dispenser that retrofits on the surface of tape roll and moves freely along the circumference to cut custom sizes as required. Its lightweight and compact design are composed of stainless steel and recycled plastic which can be injection molded and mass manufactured. Carefully designed and emphasized user experience and ergonomics which makes it distinctive that can be utilized effortlessly.

Patent Published in India*

World's Compact Tape Dispenser

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Designed by: Kalpit Doshi (Founder, The Raw Projects)

Invitation open for commercial collaboration Inquiries

Attaching trim dispenser to the circumference of tape by sliding it from side, able to dispense from both the sides by flipping it.

Pull back and cut the length with help of blade

The design allows the dispenser to be intact on the surface and does not fall off even if thickness decreases because of support and spring mechanism. 

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