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Industrial Design . Innovation . Fire safety 

Jet - Smart fire safety device

Jet is a retrofittable smart fire safety device. The IOT enabled product operates as a mediator for victims or bystanders in case of fire emergency. The dock can be connected with any kind of fire extinguishers for access, The second variant has an addition of nano particle extinguisher desired for untapped market of interior spaces. As soon as extinguisher is pulled away or button pressed on dock it communicates valuable details of space & people to respective custom helping contacts & nearest fire station as well as rings a loud alarm to alert others around.    


It delivers to be the first point of interaction for urban citizens in growth stage fire emergencies to trust. It is designed aesthetically so that it can be placed in your spaces without any hesitation. Innovation is the convenience that dock offers by initiating multiple functions immediately, rather than doing it all separately in case of panicking situation. 

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